I endorsed Yvonne Nelson’s book without knowing she exposed me in the book – Iyanya

Iyanya, the popular singer behind the hit song “Kukere,” has finally broken his silence following the release of Yvonne Nelson’s book titled “I am not Yvonne Nelson.”

In the book, Yvonne dedicated a chapter to her relationship with Iyanya, shedding light on their past together. Yvonne revealed that they were once in a serious relationship but decided to distance themselves from each other after Iyanya cheated on her.

Despite Yvonne’s revelations, Iyanya has chosen not to directly address her allegations. However, he did mention that he was shocked by the news and even joked that he almost swallowed an insect out of surprise.

He expressed his disbelief that Yvonne would go to such lengths to expose their past relationship, especially since they were still on good terms even after their breakup.

Iyanya admitted that he had endorsed Yvonne’s book without realizing that he would be a topic of discussion. He mentioned that he had not read the book and had no intention of doing so in the future. He emphasized that he was not interested in engaging in drama and preferred to focus on his music career instead.

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