“I fear marriage more than anything in life”- Felicia Osei (watch video)

Felicia Osei, a popular Ghanaian Tiktoker and media personality, has sparked controversy with a surprising statement during a recent interview.

Felicia Osei has expressed her apprehension towards marriage, stating that it is her greatest fear. As a result, she has no intentions of tying the knot.

The media personality made the statement during an interview with Okyeame Quophi, as reported by Ghbase.com.

When questioned about her greatest apprehension in life, she candidly admitted, “Marriage. Absolutely.”

Felicia acknowledged the merits of marriage, but expressed her apprehension about developing feelings for someone else while being committed to her spouse.

“It’s a positive aspect, but I often ponder what would happen if one were to develop feelings of love after tying the knot.” What happens if you encounter someone new? Imagine being married and then unexpectedly developing feelings for someone else. What actions will you take? She stated.

She suggests that it’s possible for someone to become disillusioned with their partner for various reasons and develop feelings for someone new.

Felicia expressed her belief that love at first sight can still occur even within the confines of marriage. She admitted that she might find it challenging to navigate her feelings if she were to experience such a situation.

“What are the consequences of infidelity in a marriage?” What are the factors that contribute to cheating? Marriage, oh marriage. What will you do if your spouse becomes completely frustrated with you? “Marriage, marriage, this whole marriage thing is just not for me,” she remarked.

Meanwhile, Felicia has expressed her commitment to a long-term relationship and plans to marry when the timing is right.

I am going to get married. I will overcome any obstacles that come my way. “When the opportune moment arrives,” she stated.

I proudly hold the dating captain band and will never relinquish it to anyone. I patiently await the divine and the opportune moment.

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