“I had a boyfriend who was giving me Ghc 20,000 every week”- Abena Korkor

Contentious Abena Korkor, a Ghanaian socialite and individual with bipolar disorder, recently shared details about the substantial weekly allowance she used to receive from her former partner.

During an exclusive interview with ZionFelix, she disclosed that her former partner generously provided her with GHS 20,000 on a weekly basis.

The mental health advocate mentioned that she utilized a portion of the funds to establish a business that remains undisclosed at this time.

She mentioned that she entered the business of selling adult products such as bedroom toys. According to Abena Korkor, she allocated a portion of the funds towards securing an apartment.

Prior to meeting her ex-boyfriend, Korkor clearly communicated that she was responsible for paying her rent on a monthly basis. She was financially capable of covering an entire year’s worth of rent due to her substantial income.

She also revealed that he ended their relationship after she connected with another woman following their encounter on an online platform.

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