Efia odo

“I had to lie i was Jamaican in High School to avoid racism from Black Americans”- Efia Odo

Actress and socialite, Efia Odo, recently shared her personal experience with racism during her high school years in the United States.

She recounted how she was taunted and ridiculed by her African-American classmates for being African.

They would call her hurtful names like “African booty scratcher,” causing her immense pain and distress.

To avoid further ostracization and fit in, Efia Odo felt compelled to fabricate her identity, claiming she was half Jamaican instead.

Her confession comes in the wake of statements made by Nigerian artiste, Davido, who also spoke about the pressure to hide one’s African heritage in the past.

He revealed that many, including himself, resorted to falsely claiming Jamaican roots just to be accepted and avoid discrimination.

However, Davido expressed gratitude that the African continent is now receiving the recognition it deserves.

Efia Odo’s revelation sheds light on the deep-rooted issue of racism and discrimination faced by Africans and individuals of African descent.

It serves as a reminder of the importance of embracing one’s true identity and heritage, as well as the progress that has been made in promoting African pride and unity in recent times.

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