I have 13 children, only 10 resemble me – Bukom Banku

Former Ghanaian boxer Braimah Kamoko, also known as Bukom Banku, recently revealed that he has a total of 13 children with different mothers.

In an interview on the 3FM Drive with Giovani Caleb, he shared that out of his 13 children, ten of them bear a resemblance to him while the other three take after their mothers.

He specifically mentioned his son Abu Kamoko, who has followed in his footsteps and has the strongest resemblance to him among all his children.

When questioned about the possibility of conducting a DNA test if his children did not resemble him, Bukom Banku confidently stated that his bloodline is strong and his children are undoubtedly his.

Regarding his son’s defeat in a recent boxing match at the African Games, Bukom Banku explained that Abu Kamoko was overwhelmed by the large crowd, which affected his performance in the ring.

Despite this setback, Abu Kamoko managed to secure a silver medal, surpassing his father’s achievement of a bronze medal 25 years ago.

Bukom Banku expressed confidence in his son’s abilities and stated that his opponent was no match for him.

He also mentioned that he had trained Abu Kamoko up until the age of 7, highlighting his support and involvement in his son’s boxing career.

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