I Have Dated Lots Of Rich And Matuered Women But Have Never Come Across Anyone Disrespectful As Fella Makafui – Medikal Reveals

Medikal claims that he has been in relationships with numerous wealthy and prominent women in the past, yet he asserts that none of them have exhibited the level of disrespect that he has experienced from Fella Makafui.

Despite his past experiences with affluent and influential partners, Medikal emphasizes that Fella Makafui stands out in terms of her disrespectful behavior.

Throughout his romantic history, Medikal has encountered individuals who possess wealth and status, but he affirms that Fella Makafui’s conduct surpasses anything he has previously encountered.

This assertion suggests that Fella Makafui’s actions have left a lasting impact on Medikal, leading him to publicly address her disrespectful behavior.

By highlighting Fella Makafui’s lack of respect, Medikal implies that her behavior is particularly egregious and noteworthy compared to his previous relationships with wealthy and prominent women.

This statement also implies that Fella Makafui’s disrespectful actions have had a significant impact on their relationship, potentially causing strain or conflict between them.

Overall, Medikal’s comments suggest that Fella Makafui’s disrespectful behavior stands out to him, despite his history of dating wealthy and influential women.

This statement provides insight into the dynamics of their relationship and sheds light on the challenges they may be facing as a couple.

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