“I Have Given Up, I’m Going Back To Ghana”- Ghanaian Lady Laments Over Cold Weather In Norway

A Ghanaian woman who relocated to Norway has taken to social media to express her frustration with the cold weather conditions in the northern European country.

In a video, the woman, identified as Kristsyan on TikTok, appeared visibly fed up with the harsh weather and expressed a longing to return to Ghana.

She was seen in the video ranting about the relentless snowfall in Norway, which seemed to be a constant occurrence based on her description.

The woman expressed disbelief at the snow falling during broad daylight, emphasizing her exasperation with the icy conditions in Norway.

She stated her intention to go back to Ghana due to the unfavorable weather conditions she was experiencing.

The video has garnered reactions from netizens, with some sympathizing with her plight while others jokingly suggested that the heat in Ghana would make her reconsider her decision.

One commenter expressed readiness to welcome her back to Ghana, offering to greet her at the airport upon her return.

Another commenter humorously mentioned the frequent power outages in Ghana as a reason to deter her from returning.

Overall, the woman’s video sparked a mix of empathetic and lighthearted responses from viewers on social media.

Watch video below…

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