“I have lots of friends who are gay” – KSM

Renowned Ghanaian actor, director, satirist, talk show host, and author, Kwaku Sintim-Misa, popularly known as KSM, has drawn attention to the prevalence of homosexuality in Ghana, especially within educational institutions.

In an interview on Starr chat, KSM rejected the idea that homosexuality does not exist in Ghana and urged for a nuanced approach to address the issue.

He emphasized the need for awareness and education rather than harsh laws. KSM disclosed that he has friends who are homosexual and stressed that they are not uncommon in Ghana and Africa as a whole.

He criticized the misconception of ignoring their presence, attributing it to ignorance. KSM specifically highlighted their visibility in tertiary institutions.

Regarding the proposed legislation to criminalize homosexual acts, KSM firmly opposed it and called for a more compassionate approach through advocacy and education to combat discrimination and promote understanding.

He asserted that the bill should not be passed and instead advocated for creating an inclusive environment where individuals are accepted regardless of their sexual orientation.

KSM’s stance aligns with a growing movement towards human rights and inclusivity in Ghana, signaling a shift towards a more empathetic and tolerant society.

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