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“I have more followers than any rapper in Ghana aside Sarkodie”- Strongman

Ghanaian rap sensation, Strongman, confidently stated that he is ahead of his peers in the rap industry, with the exception of the iconic Sarkodie.

In an interview with Mr. Katah on Pure FM, Strongman proudly talked about his superior position, disregarding any claims that fellow rapper, Rap Fada, was his mentor or “Godfather.”

He acknowledged that Rap Fada started his music career earlier but emphasized that he never received any significant support or guidance from him.

Strongman made it clear that while he respects Rap Fada’s seniority in the industry, he was not mentored by him in any way.

Strongman also highlighted his dominance by pointing out that, apart from Sarkodie, he has a larger social media following than any other Ghanaian rapper.

He credited his success to his hard work and talent, stating that he has achieved more than many of his contemporaries.

He confidently asserted his position as a top rapper in Ghana and expressed his determination to continue excelling in his craft.


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