“I have no interest in having kids or getting married “- Aunty Ramota reveals

• Nigerian actress, known as Aunty Ramota, shares personal life story in a video.
• She expresses her disinterest in marriage, children, or family.
• She compares men to feces, chasing them away.
• She recounts an incident where a man who loved her insulted her, leaving a lasting impact.
• The video has sparked positive reactions, with some praising her unique personality and humor.
• Her calm demeanor in the interview has resonated with fans.


Nigerian actress Ramota Adetu, popularly known as Aunty Ramota, recently shared a touching story about her personal life in a video that has attracted a lot of attention on social media.
In the video, she revealed that she does not want a husband, kids, or a family.

She mentioned that she has never wanted to have children of her own and stated that men are like feces, which she chases away.Aunty Ramota also recalled an experience where a man who professed love to her also insulted her, leading her to tears. This incident has left a lasting impact on her.

The video sparked reactions from social media users, with some praising her unique personality and sense of humor. Many found her responses in the video to be entertaining and relatable.

Aunty Ramota’s calm demeanor in the interview was also noted by some fans. Overall, her candid revelations in the video have struck a chord with viewers and have further endeared her to her fans.


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