“I Haven’t Made Any Profit After 15 Years Of Hosting The StandPoint Show” – Gifty Anti reveals

Award-winning media personality Gifty Anti has revealed that the sponsorship money she receives for her show is not enough to keep it running.

Instead, she uses money from her book sales and other influencer gigs to support the program. As the show celebrates its 15th anniversary of honoring Ghanaian heroes, Gifty Anti opened up about facing challenges in securing sponsorship.

The 53-year-old shared that some people misunderstand her message on feminism, thinking she is grooming women to fight against men, which has led to companies being hesitant to sponsor her show.

Despite these setbacks, Gifty Anti expressed her commitment to continue uplifting and empowering women through her show.

Recently, Gifty Anti confessed to experiencing moments of doubt and wanting to give up, but encouragement from viewers around the world reminded her of the impact she has made. She also lamented that some individuals she has helped in the past are now in positions to support her show but choose not to.

Gifty Anti’s dedication to StandPoint is evident as she sacrifices personal resources to keep the program running. Despite the challenges in securing sponsorship, she remains steadfast in her mission to empower women and celebrate Ghanaian heroes.

Additionally, Gifty Anti recently attended her daughter’s graduation, looking regal in a white dress, showcasing her commitment to both her family and her work.

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