I helped Criss Waddle escape to Ghana when he was wanted by the FBI – Showboy

The ongoing feud within the AMG Business camp appears to be far from over, as Showboy has recently launched an attack on his friend and former ally, Criss Waddle. Showboy, whose real name is Sam Safo, was known to be a close associate of Criss Waddle, the leader of AMG Business. However, tensions between the two escalated when Criss Waddle publicly criticized Showboy for causing division within the camp.

In a video that surfaced online three days ago, Criss Waddle expressed his disappointment in Showboy, accusing him of creating rifts within the group. This led to a falling out between the two friends, with Criss Waddle ultimately choosing to side with his former signee, Medikal, over Showboy. This decision left Showboy feeling betrayed and resentful towards Criss Waddle.

Showboy made it clear that he no longer wants to be associated with Criss Waddle, citing his loyalty and past contributions to the group. Showboy claimed that he had done a lot for Criss Waddle, including helping him evade the FBI with his street connections. Despite his efforts, Showboy felt unappreciated and envious of Criss Waddle’s decision to prioritize Medikal over him.

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