“I left my girlfriend of 5 years to marry another woman becuase my girl was too understanding”- Man reveals

• A Nigerian man leaves his five-year girlfriend for a six-month-old.
• The ex-girlfriend tolerates his mistreatment, leading to the relationship’s demise.
• The story emphasizes the importance of self-respect and setting boundaries.
• It underscores the danger of staying in toxic relationships due to fear of being alone.
• Emphasizes the need for self-valuation and mutual understanding in relationships.
• Recognizing self-worth and leaving unhealthy relationships can foster healthier connections.


A Nigerian woman named Wonu Sanni recently recounted the tale of a man who decided to leave his girlfriend of five years to marry a woman he had only known for six months.

The man explained that he chose to end his long-term relationship because his ex-girlfriend had always put up with his mistreatment and never dared to walk away, even when he behaved poorly towards her.

This story serves as a cautionary tale about the importance of self-respect and setting boundaries in a relationship.

The man’s ex-girlfriend’s willingness to tolerate his bad behavior ultimately led to the demise of their relationship.

It highlights the fact that staying in a toxic relationship out of fear of being alone or not finding someone better can ultimately lead to unhappiness and dissatisfaction.

Individuals need to value themselves and not settle for less than they deserve in a relationship.

Communication, respect, and mutual understanding are key components of a healthy and fulfilling partnership.

By recognizing one’s self-worth and having the courage to walk away from a relationship that is not serving them, individuals can create space for new and healthier connections to enter their lives.

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