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“I like beans with un-ripe plantain” – Berla Mundi reveals her favourite meal.

Award-winning Ghanaian TV personality, Berla Mundi, has revealed her unique preference for beans by sharing her unconventional combination of the popular dish known as “Gob3” with plantain chips.

This unexpected pairing has caught the attention of many. During a recent episode of the Day Show discussing 3FM’s upcoming “Gob3” festival, the respected broadcaster reflected on her school days when beans was a regular menu item, typically served on Wednesdays or Thursdays.

However, instead of eating the beans alone, Berla and her curious friends would venture to a nearby shop to purchase plantain chips, creating a surprisingly tasty mix.

Recalling her school memories, Berla mentioned, “I remember when I was in school, they would give us beans every Wednesday or Thursday, so I used to go and buy plantain chips. So in Motown, just opposite the dining hall, there was this shop that we bought from, so we just bought and added it to it.”

This unexpected combination of beans and plantain chips showcases Berla’s adventurous palate and willingness to try new flavors, sparking intrigue among her audience.

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