“I Lost Everything I worked Hard To Achieve” – Adu Safowaah On Why She Turned A New Leaf

During a recent interview with Berla Mundi, Adu Safowaah opened up about her journey into controversy and how it led her to lose everything she had.

She shared that by attacking celebrities, she inadvertently pushed away her destiny helpers, causing her to hit rock bottom.

However, after some reflection, Safowaah decided to turn over a new leaf and regain the trust of those she had wronged.

One of the steps she took towards redemption was participating in the GWR Speech-a-thon, where she was given the platform to address her past actions and apologize to the celebrities she had targeted.

Safowaah expressed remorse for allowing fame to cloud her judgment and apologized for any hurt she may have caused.

In the interview snippet, Safowaah emphasized the importance of owning up to one’s mistakes and seeking reconciliation.

She acknowledged that her journey had been a difficult one, but she was committed to making amends and moving forward in a positive direction.

Overall, Safowaah’s interview highlighted the power of self-reflection and the importance of taking responsibility for one’s actions.

By participating in the GWR Speech-a-thon and apologizing to those she had wronged, Safowaah showed that it is never too late to make amends and strive for personal growth.

See a snippet of the interview below;


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