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“I need a boyfriend” – Nollywood star Ifedi Sharon reveals

The up-and-coming actress, Ifedi Sharon, who is known for her exceptional talent, recently made a candid statement about her desire for a romantic partner.

On April 29th, 2024, she took to social media to share a heartfelt video where she appeared deep in thought.

In the caption, she expressed her unwavering faith in God, stating that she entrusts her life to His care.

A male fan commented on her post, envying her supposed boyfriend, to which Sharon responded by revealing that she is longing for a boyfriend herself.

This admission surprised many, as rumors had been circulating about her close relationship with her colleague, Zubby Michael.

The two actors recently shared a cozy moment on Instagram, where they were seen bonding on a movie set.

Fans were quick to comment on their undeniable chemistry and speculated about the possibility of them getting married in the future.

Sharon and Zubby’s friendship has been a topic of interest among their followers, with many admiring their close bond and affection for each other.

The actress’s open declaration of her desire for a romantic partner has added a new layer of intrigue to their relationship, leaving fans eagerly anticipating what the future holds for the talented duo.

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