I never left Mohbad and his siblings – Mother

Mohbad’s mother has clarified that the rumors of her abandoning her children, including Mohbad, are completely false. She revealed that she was actually forced to leave her marital home due to threats from her ex-husband, who is Mohbad’s father.

The situation began with her father’s disapproval of their marriage, leading to tension in their relationship. Despite facing abuse and death threats from her husband, she initially hesitated to seek help from her parents.

Eventually, concerned individuals intervened and convinced her parents to come to her rescue. It was not her choice to leave her children behind, but the circumstances left her with no other option.

Abosede, Mohbad’s mother, shared her story to set the record straight and explain the events that led to her separation from her children. She emphasized that she did not abandon them willingly and that external factors beyond her control forced her to leave.

Despite the difficult situation, she did not forget about her children and remained hopeful that they would understand the truth one day.

Abosede’s account sheds light on the challenges she faced and the sacrifices she had to make for her own safety. Ultimately, she hopes for reconciliation with her children and a chance to be reunited with them in the future.

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