“I Owe You 10 billion” – Secret Audio Of Dr Grace Boadu Confirming That She Owes Boyfriend Bible Nokwafo

The death of Dr. Grace Boadu has revealed a disagreement over money between her family and her boyfriend, Bible Nokwafo. Before passing, Dr. Grace Boadu informed her family that she owed the Bible Nokwafo a significant amount of money – 1 million Ghana cedis, equivalent to 10 billion old Ghana cedis.

This debt stemmed from a financial arrangement between the couple, where Bible Nokwafo had provided financial assistance to Dr. Grace Boadu for her real estate project.

Dr. Grace Boadu had started a real estate venture but faced financial challenges during its implementation. In a show of support, Bible Nokwafo generously lent her 1 million Ghana cedis to help with the construction projects, with the understanding that they would share the profits as business partners.

However, Dr. Grace Boadu later clarified to her family that the 1 million cedis was a loan and not an investment, following advice from her mother.

She recorded a video confirming this and instructed her family to repay Bible Nokwafo the borrowed amount after her death to avoid any future disputes over property ownership.

Since her passing, there have been reports that her family has been avoiding contact with Bible Nokwafo, raising concerns that they may not intend to fulfill the financial obligation owed to him.

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