I Paid Anas Aremeyaw $100,000 To Stop Him From Exposing Me – Kwesi Nyantakyi

During an interview with the polarizing media personality Captain Smart on Onua TV, Nyantakyi discussed his efforts to stop the release of a documentary by Anas, a well-known investigative journalist.

Kwesi Nyantakyi admitted to paying $100,000 through Anas’ lawyer in an attempt to halt the documentary from being made public.

However, he revealed that he was later pressured to pay an additional $150,000 or risk having damaging information about him exposed.

Nyantakyi explained that he could only afford the initial $100,000 payment, which ultimately led to the documentary being released.

He went on to say that he received some of the money back after the documentary aired, implying that there were financial dealings involved in the situation.

Nyantakyi also made a controversial claim during the interview, suggesting that Anas, who is often seen as a symbol of integrity in journalism, has his own hidden secrets.

This statement added a new layer of complexity to the already contentious situation.

Overall, Nyantakyi’s interview with Captain Smart shed light on the lengths he went to in order to prevent the release of the documentary by Anas.

The revelation of financial transactions and allegations of hidden secrets added intrigue to the ongoing controversy surrounding the documentary and those involved.

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