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“I Quit Social Media” – Fella Makafui Announces

Actress Fella Makafui has made the difficult decision to step away from social media for a while due to the overwhelming stress and heartache caused by her husband’s unexpected separation.

The actress, who is also an entrepreneur, has been bombarded with insults and criticism from online users who are supporting her estranged husband’s claims.

Despite the hurtful comments, Fella remains hopeful that time will eventually prove her innocence.

Fella took to Instagram to announce her social media hiatus, simply stating, “Logging out, back soon.” She also shared that her next public appearance will be at the premiere of her upcoming film in Kumasi next month.

This message reflects her determination to stay positive and focused on her work, despite the challenges she is facing in her personal life.

It is clear that Fella is choosing to prioritize her mental well-being during this difficult time.

She is taking a step back from the negativity on social media in order to protect herself from further emotional distress.

By focusing on her upcoming film premiere and looking towards the future, Fella is showing resilience and strength in the face of adversity.

As she navigates this challenging chapter in her life, Fella’s fans and followers are sure to support her in her decision to take a break and focus on healing.

With time, she hopes that the truth will prevail, and she will emerge stronger than ever.

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