I Saved Fella Makafui’s A$s When Her Ex Boyfriend Disgraced And Took Away The Shop He Rented For Her – Medikal Reveals

When love turns bitter and respect is no longer present, hatred and secrecy take over.

This is an unfortunate situation for Medikal and his former wife. The couple, who were once in love, are now publicly airing their grievances.

Medikal took to Twitter to reveal some issues he has been facing in his marriage.

He claimed that Fella Makafui called the police on him after he asked her cousin, who had been living with them for over two years, to move out.

Medikal expressed concern that the cousin may have recorded the incident, leading to future misunderstandings.

Medikal insisted that he has never been abusive or violent and only wants to co-parent peacefully for the sake of their child.

On Snapchat, he shared that he had gone through a lot since being with Fella, doing things he never thought he would do out of love for her.

He recounted instances where he had to rescue Fella from her previous boyfriends who had mistreated her.

Despite the challenges, Medikal claimed he had provided Fella with cars, a shop, and financial support for her businesses.

It is clear that Medikal is hurting from the breakdown of his marriage and wants the public to know his side of the story.

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