I Slept With A Female Producer To Land A Movie Role — Nollywood Actor Seun Jimoh

Nollywood actor Seun Sean Jimoh recently opened up about his early struggles in the industry during a Talktobee podcast with fellow actress Biola Adebayo.

Seun Jimoh discussed how he was raised by his mother in the absence of his father but still considered himself lucky to have had one of the best fathers ever.

However, he also revealed the dark side of the industry, sharing that he felt pressured to engage in sexual relationships with movie producers to secure roles.

Jimoh’s revelation sheds light on the challenges faced by many aspiring actors in Nollywood, where power dynamics and exploitation are unfortunately common.

Seun Jimoh admitted that he had no choice but to comply with these demands to further his career, highlighting the difficult choices that actors sometimes have to make in pursuit of success.

Additionally, Jimoh shared a disturbing experience where a married father of three children made inappropriate advances towards him, further highlighting the toxic environment that some actors are subjected to in the industry.

Despite the hardships he faced, Jimoh remains determined to pursue his passion for acting and continues to strive for success in Nollywood.

His story serves as a reminder of the importance of addressing issues of exploitation and abuse in the entertainment industry to create a safer and more inclusive environment for all actors.

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