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“I spend more money on toilet paper because of my Big Nya$h”- Curvy Instagram Model Gracie Bon Reveals

Gracie Bon, a popular plus-size Instagram model and adult content creator, recently shared an unexpected detail about her monthly expenses – the amount she spends on toilet paper.

Known for her curvy figure, Gracie Bon has amassed a large following on social media. Earlier this year, she advocated for better seating options for travelers with larger bodies on airplanes, aiming to encourage airlines to provide more comfortable seats.

Now, Gracie Bon has decided to offer her followers a glimpse into her personal life by revealing her monthly toilet paper expenditure.

She disclosed that she spends close to US$100 every month on toilet paper, with approximately US$72 allocated for this necessity. Gracie prefers to have a variety of options available to suit her preferences.

The revelation of Gracie Bon’s toilet paper expenses sparked mixed reactions among social media users.

Some questioned the high cost, while others empathized with her need for a significant amount of toilet paper.

In addition to her bathroom budget, Gracie Bon has been vocal about her advocacy for travel comfort.

She has expressed dissatisfaction with the current seat sizes on airplanes and suggested the incorporation of extra-large seats specifically designed for individuals with larger bodies.

Her proposal aims to address the needs of those with more substantial physiques.

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