“I started dressing like a woman when i was selling clothes” – Bobrisky

Bobrisky, the famous Nigerian cross-dresser, recently shared more details about his journey towards embracing his transgender identity.

He revealed that his foray into cross-dressing began as a marketing tactic while he was selling unisex clothing during his time as a student at the University of Lagos.

Bobrisky explained in an interview with musician Charly Boy that he never expected this initial decision to evolve into his current transgender identity.

During his university days, Bobrisky discovered a passion for trying on women’s clothing and found that customers were drawn to this unique aspect of his business.

As he began experimenting with female hairstyles and makeup, he received positive feedback from clients who believed he looked better as a woman. This encouragement led him to fully embrace the persona of Bobrisky.

Initially, Bobrisky faced resistance from his parents regarding his unconventional lifestyle. However, over time, they came to accept and support his decision to express himself authentically.

Despite his initial intentions to cross-dress solely for business purposes, Bobrisky’s journey eventually led him to identify as transgender.

His story sheds light on the complexities of gender identity and the importance of self-expression.

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