“I still regret the Nak3d photo i took with my son even today”- Rosemond Brown (AKuapem Poloo)

Socialite Rosemond Brown, commonly known as Akuapem Poloo, has admitted that the nude photo she took with her son continues to weigh heavily on her mind.

In June 2020, Poloo shared revealing images with her son on social media during his birthday celebration, which resulted in legal consequences.

She was arrested, imprisoned, and later released on bail. In a recent interview with Nana Romeo, Akuapem Poloo expressed profound regret for her actions, labeling them as her only regret in life.

She disclosed that her son, who is now older, has started to question the incident, causing her additional distress. Poloo expressed her hope that her son will eventually forgive her as he matures.

In light of the controversy surrounding the photos, Akuapem Poloo has pledged to lead a more virtuous life going forward.

She stressed her desire to rectify her past mistakes and to serve as a positive role model for her son and others.

As she deals with the aftermath of the incident, Akuapem Poloo is focused on seeking redemption and restoring her reputation.

She is resolute in her commitment to learning from her error and displaying personal growth and accountability in the future.

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