‘I tear Psalm 35 chapter in the Bible, soak it in my bath water’ – Shatta Wale reveals his spiritual backing.

Dancehall artist, Shatta Wale, shared an unconventional way in which he seeks protection through the word of God. He revealed that his go-to scripture for solace is Psalm 35, which he believes shields him from life’s challenges.

Shatta Wale explained that during difficult times, he tears out the Psalm 35 chapter of the Bible, soaks it in water, and baths with it.

This practice evolved from his previous habit of immersing the Psalm 35 chapter in his mouth. Despite his friends’ concerns about desecrating the Bible, Shatta Wale emphasized that it is his personal belief and urged his followers not to be influenced by his actions.

He sees the Bible as a printed book by man, but the word of God is what matters to him. Shatta Wale views Psalm 35 as a powerful weapon that guides him through life’s challenges and reads it constantly for strength and protection.

Dancehall artist Shatta Wale has shared a unique way in which he finds comfort and protection through the teachings of the Bible. He revealed that his favorite scripture for finding solace is Psalm 35, which he believes acts as a shield against the trials of life. Shatta Wale explained that when faced with difficult times, he takes the drastic step of tearing out the Psalm 35 chapter from the Bible, soaking it in water, and using it to bathe. This practice originated from his previous habit of immersing the Psalm 35 chapter in his mouth.

Despite concerns from his friends about potentially disrespecting the Bible, Shatta Wale stressed that this is a personal ritual based on his beliefs, and he urged his fans not to be swayed by his actions. He emphasized that to him, the Bible is a man-made book, but it is the word of God that holds significance. Shatta Wale sees Psalm 35 as a powerful tool that helps him navigate through life’s challenges, and he regularly reads it for strength and protection.

In essence, Shatta Wale’s unorthodox method of seeking protection through Psalm 35 demonstrates his deep faith and reliance on the word of God to guide him through life’s obstacles.

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