“I Use Juju On the men i want to date”- Lady Reveals (See details)

A local woman recently shared some shocking revelations about how she uses juju to attract and win over any man she desires. The woman, who remains unidentified, appeared on the DJ Mambo podcast with a friend and openly discussed her experiences with men.

In the video, she was seen with black hair extensions, long lashes framing her lazy eyes, a sleeveless top, and a long pink skirt with a vent.

She confidently explained how juju could help her in pursuing any man she fancied, stating that she could sense if someone was wealthy just by looking at them. Her friend sitting next to her also agreed with her claims.

The practice of using juju to entice men is not uncommon in Zimbabwe, as some women turn to traditional healers for help in attracting partners, especially during tough economic times.

One popular charm known as “mudiwa-diwa” is said to assist in eliminating competition.

Some viewers of the video expressed disbelief at the woman’s claims, with one commenter jokingly suggesting that it might be safer for men to stay away from women who use such powers.

Others questioned whether it was something to boast about and shared humorous remarks about the realities of dating in a society where juju is believed to play a role.

The conversation sparked reactions from various viewers, showcasing a mix of skepticism, amusement, and curiosity.

Watch video below..

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