“I used my wedding money to open a shop”- lady reveals on Tiktok

A young woman recently took to the popular TikTok app to share a video detailing how she used her wedding funds to open a mini-mart.

The proud wife proudly displayed her well-stocked mini-mart on social media, explaining the story behind its creation.

Known as @yallallmeetkaphyblack on TikTok, she disclosed that the mini-mart was established using the money originally intended for her wedding.

Despite not having a traditional wedding ceremony, she expressed her intention to continue wearing her ring.

In her post, she expressed gratitude to her partner for making it all possible, stating, “I have used my wedding money to open a mini-mart, and I will continue to wear my ring like that.

Congratulations to myself, Mammie Nelson mini-mart, and a big thank you to my man.”

The video garnered various reactions from users, with many commending her decision and offering their congratulations.

Some users even shared similar experiences or expressed support for her entrepreneurial spirit in the current economic climate.

Overall, the young woman’s story serves as an inspiration for others to prioritize their goals and dreams over societal expectations.

Watch the video below:

@yallallmeetkaphyblack Eeeiiii God 😫🤲🤲 congratulations to my humble self Mammie Nelson mini mart 😊 thank you to my man ❤️#fyppppppppppppppppppppppp #latestshopowner #fyp #yallmeetkaphyblack #ceo #ceo #goddid ♬ original sound – IRAWOOWURO

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