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“I want my vÀg!nä to breathe down there so i don’t like big d!çk$”- Actress Nikki Samonas (video)

Ghanaian actress and model, Nikki Samonas, recently shared her preference for smaller penises during a candid interview on GhOne TV’s late-night show, Duvet.

She revealed that she does not enjoy sex with big penises because she likes to have more space to breathe down there. Nikki explained that she actively engages in kegel exercises during sexual intercourse to strengthen her pelvic floor muscles.

The actress emphasized that kegel exercises not only benefit her but also provide a different sensation for her sexual partners. She mentioned that men appreciate the variations in the walls of the vagina when she performs kegel exercises, as it can create a tighter or looser feeling during thrusting.

Nikki expressed her belief that smaller penises allow her to have more control over her pelvic muscles and enhance her overall sexual experience. She highlighted the importance of maintaining a healthy pelvic floor through exercises like kegels to improve intimacy and pleasure during sex.

Overall, Nikki Samonas’ openness about her sexual preferences and practices serves as a reminder of the importance of communication and experimentation in relationships to ensure mutual satisfaction and enjoyment.

“For me, I don’t like big dicks. I like to breathe down there. Cuz I exercise my walls a lot by doing Kegels.

“Also I realized that when you kegel, they(men) like it because it gives different variations of the walls of the vagina. It becomes a little tight when you release it, it becomes a little loose, that’s a different feeling especially when they’re thrusting out and then you hold it.”

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