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I want to focus on my marriage- Wode Maya reveals why he is quitting Youtube

Ghanaian Youtuber and social media influencer, Wode Maya, has recently revealed his intentions to step away from YouTube. In a video shared on his channel, Wode Maya explained the various reasons behind his decision.

He mentioned that several factors led to his choice to quit YouTube, with one of the main reasons being his desire to prioritize his marriage.

Wode Maya elaborated on how he initially started his YouTube journey as a young individual, but now as a married man, he feels the need to devote more time and attention to his wife.

He expressed his struggles with balancing his travel-heavy lifestyle as a YouTuber with his responsibilities as a husband, stating that his constant globe-trotting leaves him with limited quality time for his spouse.

Additionally, Wode Maya shared that he has ventured into the real estate industry, but due to his commitments as a YouTuber, he finds it challenging to dedicate sufficient time to his business endeavors.

This realization has prompted him to reconsider his priorities and make the difficult decision to step back from YouTube in order to focus on his personal life and professional pursuits.

In conclusion, Wode Maya’s announcement reflects his commitment to reevaluate his priorities and make necessary changes to achieve a more balanced lifestyle that aligns with his current circumstances as a married man and entrepreneur.

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