“I Want To Marry A Man Who Will Worship Me Because I’m My Mom’s Only Child” – Ahuofe Patricia

Actress Priscilla Opoku Agyeman, also known as Ahuofe Patricia, recently shared her thoughts on what she looks for in a potential husband. She stressed the importance of finding a man who puts her first in his life, as she is attracted to individuals who prioritize her in a relationship.

In an interview on Joy Prime’s Prime Morning show with Roselyn Felli, Ahuofe Patricia discussed her upbringing as her mother’s only child, where she received exceptional care.

This background has shaped her desire for a partner who treats her well, cherishes her, and shows her respect.

She expressed her wish for a partner who would adore her like she is the most precious person to him, drawing parallels to the pampering she received as her mother’s only child.

When asked about the importance of financial stability in a relationship, Ahuofe Patricia humorously remarked that adoration can compensate for any lack of financial resources, using a church offering as an analogy.

She also highlighted the importance of generosity in a potential husband, emphasizing her comfort with her single status despite societal pressures and criticisms.

Ahuofe Patricia stated that she is in no rush to get married but remains open to the idea if it aligns with God’s plan and she finds the right partner.

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