“I was 203 years old when Jesus was born” – Pastor who has 46 wives and 289 children reveals

An 82-year-old pastor named Ronald Wanyama from Kenya has made some extraordinary claims about his age and his role in history.

He says that he was actually 203 years old before Jesus came to Earth, and that he was the one who consecrated Jesus to start his mission of saving the world.

Wanyama believes that he died after living in Israel for 230 years, and that he was born in Egypt before moving to Israel at a young age.

Wanyama also claims that when Jesus died, he passed on his powers to him, which he now uses to perform miracles.

He describes himself as the way, the truth, and the last prophet sent by God to save mankind from corruption, homosexuality, and bad governance.

He also believes that God asked him to finish Jesus’ ministry in 1941, a task he believes he has been carrying out successfully.

The pastor, who is known as Nabii Yohana V, has stated that he has helped over 70,000 people from all over the world with their problems, and that he does not charge for his services.

He has also claimed to be married to 46 women and to have 289 children. Wanyama preaches using a 93-book Bible that he has written himself.


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