“I was a Drug addict and a Womanizer”- Archbishop Charles Agyinasare reveals

Founder of Perez Chapel International, Archbishop Charles Agyinasare, has revealed his past struggles with drug abuse and womanizing. In a recent interview, the Archbishop admitted to smoking cigarettes at 11 years old, graduating to marijuana use by 12, and abusing other drugs.
This behavior was introduced to him during his school years at St. Martins Secondary School in Nsawam in 1973.

Agyinasare’s drug use was so severe that it nearly led to his expulsion from school. However, he was allowed to complete his O’ Level examinations due to his academic standing. The Archbishop also disclosed his womanizing tendencies during his time as a teacher in Tamale.

A pivotal moment in Agyinasare’s life occurred when he fell in love with a woman who insisted he accompany her to church before she could accept his romantic proposal. Despite being high on marijuana, Agyinasare attended a Pentecost church with her, which marked the beginning of his spiritual transformation.

The Archbishop recalls that despite practicing Buddhism at the time, he made a commitment at the altar during this church visit. This experience led to the breaking away from his drug use, alcoholism, and lustful tendencies.

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