dr kwaku oteng

“I Was Alwys Sick And Using My Salary To Buy Drugs Until I Started Paying Tithes And It Stopped” – Dr Kwaku Oteng

Ghanaian millionaire, Dr Kwaku Oteng, shared his journey to success, attributing his wealth to his faith in God.

He owns various businesses in Ghana and credits his first million to consistently paying his tithe.

Before learning this lesson, he struggled with falling ill whenever he made any income and had to spend it on medical expenses.

Seeking help from a pastor, he was advised to pay his tithe properly, with the promise that he would see financial growth.

Following this advice, he made 3 million within 3 months. While the exact currency is unclear, the message he wants to convey is the importance of taking tithing seriously.

Ace music producer, Kaywa, shared Dr Kwaku Oteng’s story as valuable advice for young people.

Dr Kwaku Oteng’s story serves as inspiration for those looking to achieve success and emphasizes the importance of faith and giving back to the community.

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