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I Was Attacked And Called A Fraud By Okomfo Kwadee’s Family When I Tried To Help Him – Chickle One Reveals

Priscilla Sarpong, also known as Chikle One, has once again attracted attention with new details about her interactions with Okomfo Kwadee and the hurdles she faced.

In a recent interview, Chikle clarified that despite rumors suggesting she was Kwadee’s girlfriend, which she refutes, his family had issues with her.

She revealed that she eventually reluctantly accepted the girlfriend label as the public already believed it, so she decided to go along with it.

When Kwadee’s health problems resurfaced, causing worry among Ghanaians, Chikle and now evangelist Lord Kenya stepped in to help him.

They took him to different places to get the necessary support.

Chikle shared that she took the lead in assisting Kwadee because people in the industry knew she was close to him and approached her for help.

However, during this period, Kwadee’s family started attacking her through various means, from spiritual assaults to physical confrontations, prompting her to step back and focus on her own life.

Check out the video below to hear more from Chikle about her experiences.

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