“I was broken and depressed when i was dating shatta wale, i am free now”- Michy

The former girlfriend and mother of Dancehall King Shatta Wale’s child has opened up about the negative impact their relationship had on her.

In a recent episode of the Gh Queens reunion, Michy shared how she felt lost during her time with Shatta Wale. Since ending the relationship, she has been able to focus on herself and find her own path.

Michy now prioritizes herself and her son, Majesty, above all else.

The dynamic between Shatta Wale and Michy has always been complex.

To co-parent their son, Majesty, Shatta Wale suggested they try to remain friends. During a Facebook live session, Shatta Wale emphasized the importance of maintaining a friendly relationship with Michy for the sake of their son.

she acknowledged that their strained relationship has led to assumptions about his parenting, but he reassured everyone that he has been fulfilling his responsibilities as a father.

Shatta Wale expressed his desire for Michy to be involved in their son’s life, even if they can’t be together romantically.

She emphasized the importance of working together for the benefit of Majesty. Despite their past difficulties, Shatta Wale remains hopeful that they can set aside their differences and focus on co-parenting effectively.

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