I was happy Chef Smith didn’t get support from Ghanaians – Ola Michael

Entertainment analyst Ola Michael expressed his satisfaction that Chef Ebenezer Smith did not receive overwhelming support from Ghanaians during his Guinness World Record attempt for the longest cooking marathon.

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He believed that the absence of numerous individuals, especially celebrities and politicians, allowed Chef Smith to focus solely on his task without distractions.

Ola referenced previous failed attempts by Afua Asantewaa and Chef Faila due to the ‘rest break rule,’ which he attributed to the presence of a large crowd.

In an interview on Instashowbiz.com, Ola highlighted that the lack of significant support from Ghanaians would assist Chef Smith in adhering to the ‘rest break rule’ during the cook-a-thon competition.

Chef Smith successfully completed his Guinness World Record attempt after 820 hours on March 6, 2024, surpassing Alan Fisher’s previous record of 119 hours.

Despite initially aiming for 360 hours or even 1200 hours, he ultimately decided to conclude on March 6.

While Chef Smith’s cook-a-thon did not receive much publicity initially, he garnered attention in the final days as various celebrities and musicians, including Amerado, Kofi Jamar, Nana Ama McBrown, Clemento Suarez, and Kwaku Manu, visited to show their support.

The conclusion of Chef Smith’s GWR attempt on March 6 was celebrated by spectators who had gathered to witness his impressive achievement.

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