“I Was Not Able To Write My WASSCE Because Asantewaa And Her Brother Arrested Me” – Ama Official Claims

During a recent interview, Ama Official shared a shocking revelation about her ongoing feud with her rival, Asantewaa, and her brother Kay Verli.

Ama disclosed that she was manipulated by Asantewaa and her brother, which resulted in her being arrested and ultimately missing her WASSCE exams.

According to Ama, she was approached by someone offering her an ambassadorial deal worth 5000 cedis. They even made a partial payment and arranged for a flight for her from Kumasi to Accra.

However, upon her arrival, Ama was taken into custody and was unable to take her exams.

Ama expressed her frustration over the situation and emphasized how she had been deceived by Asantewaa and her brother.

She also admitted that she had learned from the experience and was no longer allowing men to take advantage of her.

The interview with Ama Official can be heard below, where she goes into detail about the events leading up to her arrest and the impact it had on her academic pursuits.

This revelation sheds light on the lengths her enemies were willing to go to sabotage her, and serves as a cautionary tale for others in similar situations.

Listen to the interview below;

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