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“I Was Only Acting Like A Pregnant Wife In A Movie For Kidi, I Was Never Pregnant” – Fella Makafui Give Details

Fella Makafui explained that her role as a pregnant wife of DKB in a movie for Kidi was purely acting, and she was never actually pregnant.

She clarified that the portrayal of a pregnant character was part of the script and was meant to create a realistic and engaging storyline for the audience.

Makafui emphasized that she was simply playing a role and that the pregnancy was not real.

She further elaborated that as an actress, it is her job to convincingly portray different characters and scenarios on screen, even if they may not reflect her personal life.

Makafui emphasized that she takes her craft seriously and strives to deliver authentic performances that resonate with viewers.

The actress also highlighted the importance of separating her professional life from her personal life, stating that her on-screen appearances do not necessarily reflect her off-screen reality.

Makafui expressed gratitude for the opportunity to work on the movie and collaborate with talented artists like DKB and Kidi.

In conclusion, Fella Makafui made it clear that her portrayal of a pregnant wife in the movie was purely fictional and that she was never pregnant in real life.

She emphasized her commitment to her craft as an actress and her dedication to delivering compelling performances on screen.

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