“I was sick for 3 years, someone in the movie industry is trying to k!ll me”- Oteele Makes Shocking revelation (watch video)

Ghanaian actor Stephen Yae Mawunyo, also known as Oteele, recently survived a life-threatening illness that almost took his life when he was younger.

Oteele, who is well-known for his large size, underwent a significant weight loss following an undisclosed illness that almost claimed his life, according to his wife in an interview with Zionfelix.

In a subsequent interview with Zionfelix, Oteele confirmed his wife’s statements and shared additional details. He revealed that a fellow member of the film industry had tried to kill him through a spiritual attack.

Oteele explained that during his battle for survival, it was the spirit of his deceased mother that provided unwavering support, ensuring his recovery and continued well-being.

He recounted instances where his colleague and a spiritual advisor had attempted to harm him, but only his mother’s protective presence intervened, thwarting their plans.

When asked if he had wronged his coworker in any way, Oteele denied any wrongdoing and stated that he harbored no ill feelings towards the individual in the physical realm, choosing instead to address the situation spiritually.

The full interview can be viewed for more insight into Oteele’s harrowing experience and miraculous recovery.

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