“I Was So Down In Ghana And God Intervened”- Beautiful Ghanaian Lady Says As She Celebrates Joining US Army (Watch video)

A Ghanaian woman who recently moved abroad shared her excitement on social media about joining the US Army.

Perry Akhua Shirley looked stunning in her army uniform as she thanked God for helping her achieve this milestone.

In a video posted on TikTok, she proudly displayed her “Harmony and Unity” badge while playing a gospel song in the background.

Shirley’s caption hinted at the challenges she faced in Ghana before her journey to becoming a US soldier.

The video garnered over 8k likes and 610 comments, with many Ghanaians showing support and admiration for her achievement.

Some comments expressed wishes to follow in her footsteps, while others praised her beauty and grace.

Additionally, a Ghanaian lady in the US Army shared insights on the realities of living in the United States, debunking misconceptions often portrayed on social media.

Viewers appreciated her honesty and willingness to shed light on the true experiences of immigrants in the US.

Shirley’s story serves as inspiration for many, showcasing the perseverance and determination required to overcome obstacles and achieve success in a new country.

Watch video below…

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