“I was Tricked Into Acting “P00.RN0” In Dubai”- Ghanaian man shares his story.

Recently, an interview on SVTV included a video that went viral, in which Dubai-based Kwaku Blogger revealed his story of being deceived into acting porn by an unknown person.


In the video, Kwaku explains that when he first traveled to Dubai, he had no idea what life there was like. One day, while at work, he saw an Indian man with a gorgeous woman, whom he initially assumed to be the man’s girlfriend. However, after they parted ways, the man returned to say that the woman liked him and would be open to having sex with him. Kwaku Blogger kept updating his account, claiming that they had exchanged contacts and texts that evening.


Kwaku claims that when he asked a buddy at work for guidance in the morning, the friend informed him that this was just the way life was in Dubai, so he too didn’t ask any questions.


Kwaku Blogger went on to say that one day after closing for business, he got a call from an Indian man suggesting that they get together for some fun and refreshments. To his surprise, they drove him to their home, where they led him to a strange room filled with studio lights and hidden cameras.

A short while later, the Indian woman began to seduce him, and Kwaku explained that he almost fell for it, but he quickly pulled away. They then asked him to reconsider and return later.

Kwaku claimed that after giving it some thought, he demanded an iPhone.

See Kwaku Blogger’s entire interview below, as he goes on to reveal more.

Recently, on SVTV, an interview featured a video that quickly gained popularity online. In the video, Kwaku Blogger, who is based in Dubai, shared his shocking experience of being tricked into participating in a pornographic film by an unidentified individual. Kwaku recounted how when he first arrived in Dubai, he was unaware of the lifestyle there. One day, while at work, he witnessed an Indian man with a beautiful woman, assuming she was his girlfriend. However, the man later approached Kwaku, claiming that the woman was interested in him and willing to engage in sexual activities.

Kwaku mentioned that they exchanged contact information and messages that evening. The next day, seeking advice from a colleague, he was told that such encounters were common in Dubai, leading him to not question the situation. Subsequently, Kwaku received a call from the Indian man after work, inviting him over for some fun and drinks. Upon arriving at their residence, he was taken to a room equipped with studio lights and hidden cameras.

The Indian woman began to seduce Kwaku, who managed to resist the temptation and leave. However, they persuaded him to reconsider and return later. After contemplating the situation, Kwaku requested an iPhone in exchange for his participation. To hear the full details of Kwaku Blogger’s interview, watch the video below, where he delves deeper into the shocking incident.

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