I Went Into A Guest House To Preach To Prostitutes But They Tricked Me Into Sleeping With Them- Pastor Peter

Pastor Peter shared a story about how he once ventured into a brothel to spread the good news to the women working there.

However, his mission took an unexpected turn when he found himself being seduced by the women instead. Peter, who hails from Kiambu, had always felt a calling to preach the gospel since he was young.

Despite his mother’s wishes for him to continue his education, Peter ran away from home after primary school to pursue his passion for preaching.

He began preaching in various unconventional places such as clubs, marketplaces, and buses, traveling to different towns including Mombasa, Tanzania, and Uganda.

It wasn’t until he was 15 years old that he decided to visit a brothel in hopes of helping the women there find salvation.

His goal was to enlighten them about the sanctity of their bodies as temples of the Holy Spirit.

However, upon entering the brothel with his Bible in hand, Peter was taken aback by a woman in a state of undress. He found himself transfixed and unable to resist when she approached him and began touching his face.

This unexpected encounter led Peter to question his own desires and beliefs, as he grappled with the temptation that surrounded him in that moment.


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