“i wil not sack my children or stop taking care of them even if DNA results shows they are not mine” – Father reveals

A Nigerian father, Takema Akom Smith, recently shared on Facebook his perspective on why he would not disown any of his children even if a DNA test revealed they were not biologically his.

He explained that the bond between a father and child is not solely based on genetics, but rather on the emotional connection and relationship that has been established over time.

According to him, the discovery of paternity fraud by a spouse should not sever the strong bond between a father and their child.

Many individuals commented on Takema’s post, with some praising his commitment to his children despite the circumstances.

Tersoo Akula pointed out that being a father is more than just a biological connection, emphasizing the importance of emotional bonds.

Shimadoo Ozo-Umeh highlighted the pain of betrayal and deceit in such situations, while Ayati Orlu-Bem Ayati suggested that avoiding DNA tests altogether may be the best course of action to prevent doubts from arising.

Yilah Moses shared his perspective on the emotional turmoil that comes with discovering paternity fraud, emphasizing the pain not only from the child but also from the spouse.

Overall, Takema’s post sparked a discussion on the complexities of fatherhood, DNA testing, and the enduring bond between a parent and their child.

See his post below:

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