“I will conduct DNA test on my kids, DNA will answer all my doubts”- Funny face

Ghanaian actor and comedian Funny Face, whose real name is Benson Nana Yaw Boateng, has hinted at the possibility of conducting DNA tests on his children amid his ongoing relationship issues with his baby mama, Vanessa.

On Thursday, March 21, 2024, Funny Face took to social media once again to express his doubts about the paternity of his children. He wrote, “GYE NYAME … D.N.A? Hmmm.. am beginning to doubt if they are my Real Daughters because of this torture I have to Endure. And IF they happen not to be my children, Ghana will dance for me.”

This statement followed a suggestion from one of his followers that Vanessa’s treatment towards him might be a result of him not being the father of their children. Funny Face’s announcement comes amidst his publicized feud with Vanessa, where he has accused her of trying to sabotage his recovery and denying him access to their children.

In a video shared on Wednesday, March 20, 2024, Funny Face detailed the turbulent nature of his relationship with Vanessa, expressing his frustration over her alleged actions that have left him feeling betrayed and angered.

It appears that Funny Face is considering DNA tests to confirm the paternity of his children, as he navigates through the challenges of co-parenting with Vanessa in a strained relationship.

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