“I will do my next show at a night club”- gospel musician Brother Sammy

Contentious Ghanaian gospel musician, Brother Sammy, has expressed his desire to organize a show in a night club with the aim of spreading the message of Christ and touching the hearts of people.

The singer openly discussed these points during an interview on Joy Prime’s Fresh Juice show. He emphasized that he views the club as a potential platform for sharing the message of God, despite not being a fan of such establishments.

I don’t frequent clubs, but there is no inherent issue with attending them. I have aspirations of performing at the club in the future. “I’ve been envisioning visiting that place; it’s a statement I consistently make during interviews,” he expressed.

Brother Sammy clarified that his intention is not to seek attention, but rather to convey the truth, addressing any misconceptions about him.

He made it clear that he has no intention of stirring up controversy, but rather aims to express his beliefs in a sincere and genuine manner.


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