Kuami Eugene

“I will expose Kuami Eugene because he is not a good person” – Another Lady Makes Allegations, after Mary Rockstar

Another Ghanaian woman has come forward with allegations against Kuami Eugene, describing him as a ‘terrible person’.

She believes the claims made by Kuami Eugene’s former maid, Mary, because she herself has also been a victim of his wrongdoing.

The woman stated that Kuami Eugene has done something seriously wrong to her, and she is just waiting for the right moment to publicly expose him.

She expressed her feelings by saying, “That Kuami Eugene guy is a horrible person.

I am a victim. Mary could be right. Some of us, if we decide to speak up, hmm. Please don’t mention my name.”

Mary, the ex-maid of Kuami Eugene, has been facing backlash from the artist’s fans for speaking out against him.

She has warned that she holds deep secrets about Kuami Eugene, and if his fans continue to harass her, she will not hesitate to reveal them.

The recent allegations have stirred controversy surrounding Kuami Eugene, with multiple individuals coming forward to share their negative experiences with the artist.

It remains to be seen how these allegations will impact Kuami Eugene’s reputation and career in the future.

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