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“I will force Amerado to marry any woman he impregnant” – Amerado’s mother

There has been some talk circulating about the desires of Ghanaian rapper and singer, Amerado’s mother when it comes to her son’s marriage plans

. After witnessing Akwaboah’s wedding, Amerado’s mother made it known that she hopes for her son to successfully complete his tertiary education before considering marriage.

She emphasized the importance of Amerado excelling in his studies before settling down with anyone.

However, she did mention that if Amerado were to unintentionally impregnate someone, he would be obliged to marry the person.

Amerado’s mother also expressed her wish to have more grandchildren, as she currently only has two children.

This desire for more grandchildren indicates her hope for her family to grow and expand in the future.

Amerado, who is currently studying at the University of Ghana, is balancing his academic pursuits with his music career.

Despite his busy schedule, Amerado’s mother’s wishes for him to prioritize his education and future prospects before considering marriage have been made clear.

In conclusion, Amerado’s mother’s aspirations for her son’s future reflect her belief in the importance of education and stability before entering into a lifelong commitment like marriage.

While she is open to the possibility of Amerado starting a family in the future, she hopes that he will first focus on achieving his academic goals and establishing a solid foundation for his future endeavors.


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