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I Will Give My Woman GH¢3,000 Monthly For Body Maintenance – John Dumelo

Former actor turned politician John Dumelo has recently joined the ongoing debate surrounding the GH¢3,000 maintenance fee on social media platform X.

This discussion was initiated by influencer Miss Enny, who suggested that boyfriends should support their girlfriends financially.

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She emphasized that women are not necessarily asking for full financial support, but rather for their partners to show effort and provide some level of financial assistance in various situations such as getting their hair braided or starting a business.

In response to Miss Enny’s tweet, some men demanded that women should also reciprocate in relationships.

In a follow-up post, Miss Enny introduced the concept of a GH¢3,000 monthly body maintenance fee, which has sparked controversy among both men and women on X.

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Many individuals feel that this fee would make relationships unnecessarily expensive for men.

During the heated discussion, an X user directed a question to John Dumelo, asking if he would be willing to pay the GH¢3,000 body maintenance fee for his partner.

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Dumelo responded that he would be willing to pay the fee if he could afford it.

Overall, the conversation surrounding financial support in relationships continues to be a contentious topic on social media, with varying opinions on the expectations placed on partners and the financial implications of such demands.


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