I will never allow my daughter to marry a delivery driver – Kennedy Agyapong

• Kennedy Agyapong warns suitors interested in marrying his daughters, particularly those at United Parcel Service (UPS).
• Agyapong’s daughters have been educated at prestigious institutions worldwide with his financial support.
• Agyapong’s daughter’s interest waned when she discovered a UPS employee’s job.
• Agyapong defended his daughter’s decision, stating he invested heavily in her education.
• His strict stance reflects his desire for partners matching his daughters’ educational and social status.


Kennedy Agyapong has issued a warning to potential suitors interested in marrying his daughters, specifically cautioning those who work at United Parcel Service (UPS) to steer clear.

He has made it clear that individuals engaged in low-paying, menial jobs should not pursue his daughters, who have been educated at prestigious institutions around the world with his financial support.

During a recent Thanksgiving party for one of his daughters who had just graduated, a young man who was the son of a friend caught her attention. However, when she discovered that he worked at UPS, her interest waned.

Agyapong defended his daughter’s decision, stating that he had invested a significant amount of money in her education and was not willing to let someone from a less privileged background come and take advantage of her.

As a prominent member of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP), Agyapong’s strict stance on his daughters’ potential suitors reflects his desire to see them with partners who match their educational and social status.

His warning serves as a reminder that he expects only the best for his daughters, and anyone who does not meet his criteria will not be considered as a suitable match.

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